Sound Engineers’ Academy at Media Systems Congress

This year, the Association of German Sound Engineers (VDT) is taking part in the Media Systems Congress with its own lectures and workshops for the first time. VDT is one of the most important associations for people working in the sound sector. In the lectures, sound engineers will discussion subjects of practical interest, especially for professional audio users.

The Association of German Sound Engineers (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister – VDT) is a trade association for professionals from all segments of the audio sector. VDT is the successor to the German Film Sound Engineers’ Association, which was founded in Munich in 1950 and later expanded to include related professions. Today, the VDT has well over 1,600 members who work for a wide variety of organisations and companies in the fields of film, radio, television, sound studios, record production, theatre, event halls, equipment manufacturers, research and development, as well as in jobs associated with sound engineering.

The VDT lectures and workshops during the Media Systems Congress will focus on subjects relating to the work of sound engineers and are designed to give audio users important insights into practical aspects of that work.

Examples of the subjects covered:
Surround in pop music
From mono, via stereo, to surround sound. What opportunities are there for presenting the multifarious sounds of pop music in a 5.1 mix? No longer new but still an insufficiently known way to greater listening pleasure.

Production and recording processes for rock music
This workshop will spotlight production processes in the rock / pop segment. Particular emphasis will be given to the possibilities for mixing with Pro Tools using plug-ins and supplementary programs for sound optimisation.

The VDT lectures at the Media Systems Congress:

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